A history spanning 45 years...

On 1971, the brothers Leonardo and Gerardo BERARDI founded the society specialized on selling tractors and verticals for artesian wells used on agricultural field.
Thanks to their technical studies and their invention skills, the two brothers increased their business ambitions becoming this way productors of a waste choice of articles and metal accessories like the brass irrigators with beating mass, relay jacks, alluminium junctions, brass valves etc. In the following years Leonardo realised that the future of the agriculture would be the new technic of the drip irrigation and the new polymers applied in the agriculture field.
On 1985 was born Berardi Plastica, having the arduous project to spread all over the territory the knowledge of the knew and pioneristic irrigation system. The new society was distingueshed immediately for its plastic productions for the agriculture, thanks also to the different patents particulary appreciated like; the patent of the first spheric valve totaly in acetalic resyn that is still appreciated nationwide and worldwide, the derivator and junction series for PN4LD rigid pipe, and more, the invention of the so-called “cap” used to restore the polyetylene pipes, today known as the plier used for making holes on the pipes and inserting the derivators.
On 1996 Berardi Plastica became a capitals society, changing so its social statemet on Betaplast srl.
The new society launched on the market more new and different products increasing this way its sellings field and acting like a school for the young heir, nowadays, Attorney Matteo BERARDI.
On 2015 is founded BERARDI PLASTIC and its goal is to overturn the originary production setting. In fact, beside purchasing many pressfusion machines to satisfy directly the production needs connected to the molding, Berardi Plastic has started the automatic assembling process for almost all its products line